Developing skilled meat workers

Career Pathway of Tiwawarn Kongsombat, Oakey Beef Exports

The skills necessary for working in the production area of a processing plant are unique to the industry. Because of this extensive training and development support are required to help new employees develop into highly skilled meat processors.

Tiwawarn Kongsombat started as a labourer at Oakey Beef Exports in June 2009 and learned to identify the various meat cuts and packaging codes to pack meat in bags and cartons. By April 2011, Ms Kongsombat was engaged as a packer and quickly moved on to learn knife sharpening, maintenance and the process of slicing meat to produce primal cuts that met customer expectations and company standards. In June 2013, Tiwawarn was fully competent and filled a position within the slicing team as a highly skilled and competent slicer.

The development process involved substantial on the job training, as well as completing a Certificate 3 in Meat Processing, where both classroom training and on the job assessments were incorporated. Tiwawarn is now a fully trained slicer performing to the highest standards in our modern boning room.

Extract from Queensland Beef Processing Strategy 2019–2022, p 14

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