Attracting Professionals

Career Pathways of Dr Aaditi Dang and April Strand, Oakey Beef Exports

The meat processing industry needs highly skilled professionals, and developing strong networks within the region is vital in attracting key professionals to the industry.

An important area of the business is environmental management to ensure the industry is setting the global benchmark in environmental performance. Oakey Beef Exports has specialists employed in this department; Dr Aaditi Dang and Ms April Strand.

Prior to commencing work with Oakey Beef Exports in 2018, Dr Dang completed undergraduate and post graduate studies at the University of Southern Queensland including a PhD on brackish water irrigation, giving her invaluable knowledge on effective effluent irrigation.

Ms Strand completed a Bachelor of Science - Biology and Environment and Sustainability at the University of Southern Queensland and a Master of Environmental Science and Management at the University of New England.

Both came to the company through networks without recruitment activity being undertaken by the company. The professional environmental expertise that both Aaditi and April have allows them to make a valuable contribution to the business. It is through the variety and challenges that the work offers, along with career development opportunities within the meat industry, that professionals are retained in the industry.

Extract from Queensland Beef Processing Strategy 2019–2022, p 15

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